Saturday, 10 January 2015

My old/new year's resolutions (New/Old?)

I played a trick on myself this year and it is working! I started my New Year's resolutions for 2015 in 2014. I know it sounds a little strange, but guess what? It is working! Well, I know it is only the 2nd week of January so we shall see... but so far, so good. You see, I always find it hard to keep New Year's resolutions going when I start them in January. The reason being, I go back to work (after 2 weeks vacation) in January and I find it hard to re-adjust to work and start a new routine. Also, the cold weather doesn't help me to want to get out there and do much. I just want to hibernate! But we humans are creatures of habit, so if you start a habit that you want to keep, start it when you have a bit of down-time (like I did this year by starting the new exercise schedule during my 2 week Christmas holiday). And now the habit seems to have "stuck" with me.

My old/new year's resolutions started on December 17, 2014. I made up a schedule for exercise that I put on my fridge and now I stick to it. I realized that part of my problem was that I need to have fun when I exercise (otherwise I won't do it). I had had on my list of things to do (since September), "sign up for a yoga class". I started to wonder why, in 4 months, I hadn't signed up for a yoga class. I had looked into it, knew where there was a Yoga studio nearby where I live, and still I didn't go and join.

Then I realized something. Yoga is not fun for me. I mean I can do it, it helps to make me feel more relaxed and limber but it is not "fun". So that led me to asking myself, "well, what would be fun?" And the answer was not hard to find: Dance! So I looked up dance classes near where I live and that same day I joined. (What I couldn't do in 4 months, I did in one day, all because the former was not my idea of fun and the latter was).

Now I have this great weekly schedule that is: one day dance class, one day swimming (I have a pool in my condo and I do 30 lengths each time), one day treadmill, one day hiking and I give myself days off in-between. Therefore, in a 7 day week, I exercise 5 days with 2 days break. (Hiking is another thing I love to do, so once again it doesn't feel like exercise to me, even though it is). I also think the variety is working to my advantage. It never gets boring this way and I am exercising different muscle groups by doing different types of activities.

Now I am so disciplined it is nothing short of AWESOME! I am also eating healthier, trying to go to bed earlier, writing more regularly. I have discovered the secret to keeping New Year's resolutions. Make them old year's resolutions and you have better than a snowball's chance in hell of making them last!

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