Monday, 16 February 2015

Time and does it exist?

There are more and more scientists stating that time doesn't really exist.

Well that is easy for them to say! Try having a job that requires you to be at work by a certain time or you are considered late. Too many of those and you lose your job. Oh I forgot! That is most of the world! So then, for us working stiffs, time definitely does exist.

But I am so looking forward to retirement when I won't have to be run by a clock any longer. Maybe then I will be able to test out that scientific theory regarding time a little more since nobody will be clocking my hours anymore.

But seriously, this whole "time doesn't exist" business has got me thinking and I am having trouble with the concept. I suppose that we humans basically invented time because....? Well I am not sure why because to me, being on time all the time is just an annoyance and a cause for stress. But I digress. We did invent time when we set up the whole clock thing and divided the day into 24 hours and those hours into minutes and those minutes into seconds and it can even get broken down further into nanoseconds. Are you feeling stressed now? I am!

I think some dumb human way back when invented time to stress the rest of us happy-go-lucky types out. Just think, if there were no clocks how relaxing life would be! Besides, us artists don't run by clocks, we run on passion.

The other good side of time not existing is: I am not getting older. Since it is the passage of time that makes you grow older, if no such thing exists, then I am also not aging. Yeh!!!! That is why everybody keeps telling me how young I look! ;)

So all this "anti-aging" stuff wouldn't exist either if people didn't buy into the whole time thing. Just think how many companies would go under if word got out that time doesn't exist! All those pharmaceutical companies constantly bombarding us and brainwashing us to buy this anti-aging creme and that wrinkle stopping serum and blah, blah, blah! It kind of boggles the mind when you think about how much is at stake on a multinational level for those companies to keep us believing that time exists.

Furthermore, it would be interesting to see how many trillions of dollars women spend annually on buying this crap that doesn't work in the first place!

I have the secret for staying young-looking. BE HAPPY! Yes, it is that simple! If you are happy, your face will show it, you won't look old and possibly never will. That is my theory and I am sticking to it!

So, if time doesn't exist and I am not getting older and not aging then what? Do I get to live forever?

Remember that movie "Lost Horizons" where the guy's plane crashes and he ends up in a place called Shangri-La where nobody ages and everybody stays young forever? There, he falls in love with this beautiful woman and she with him.  He wants to take her back home with him but as soon as he gets her over the mountain side and out of Shangri-La, she turns to her real age which is 142 and she looks like a dried up old prune? (Dried up old fig?) I was shocked when I first saw that movie! I didn't ever want to age and look like her one day. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore!

But now I am looking to find my own Shangri-La for when I retire. Then I will just stay young and beautiful forever. Who's in?

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